Texas A&M Basketball: 5 best fits for Robert Williams in 2018 NBA Draft

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Boston Celtics

There is a very good chance the Boston Celtics have an embarrassment of riches at the guard and wing positions next year, and it may be enough to win a championship. Having said that, I believe Williams would be a much better fit for the Celtics than Al Horford.

Don’t get me wrong, Horford is terrific on offense. He can stretch the floor and has proven to be a great asset on that side of the ball for Brad Stevens’ offense. He is one of the best big man passers in the league. There is a lot he offers on that side of the ball. I’m just not sure the Celtics will need it next year.

We’ve seen the young players on the Celtics grow a TON in these playoffs. Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier and Jason Tatum have carried the young group to the second round of the playoffs. The latter two even guided the Celtics past the Eastern Conference favorite Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1 of their series.

If you add Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward to that crew, with Stevens’ brilliance, they might be unstoppable on offense.

And while they already were the best team in the league in terms of defensive efficiency, they could use a rim protector that will be useful in the playoffs. Joel Embiid is already proving to be a monster, going for 31 points and 13 rebounds in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The Celtics don’t have anyone that can stop the Embiid on the block, but Williams could be that guy.