Texas A&M Football: Aggies just below Longhorns in most hated college football programs

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An article going around has Texas A&M football in the top 10 most hated college football programs, falling just under their in-state rival Texas.

Texas A&M and Texas was a time-honored rivalry. For decades, families in Texas would get together on Thanksgiving night, and for a time on the day after Thanksgiving, to watch their beloved Aggies and (for some reason) beloved Longhorns take each other on in the beautiful game of football.

Without that game in our lives, it’s always felt like a part of us was missing. We like to bicker back and forth about the other team not wanting to play the other, and maybe there is a bit of that from the management at both schools, but the fan bases want the game, whether the individuals choose to freely admit it or not.

I expect at some point both schools will come to their senses and make the game happen again. It’s too much fun to let it slip into the bowels of college football history.

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In the meantime, it’s still fun when they play each other in non-football sports, and also fun when you can get digs in about the other school when, say, they appear higher on a list of the most hated college football programs in 2018.

The Spun ranked the 10 programs they believe other fans love to hate. Sports is about cheering on your team first and foremost, but some fans love hating on other teams almost as much. I’m one of those fans.

I hate the Red Sox (because of course). I hate the Dallas Cowboys (Giants fan). I hate the Philadelphia Eagles (See: Cowboys reason). I hate the San Antonio Spurs (Rockets fan). I hate the Dallas Mavericks (See: Spurs reason). I hate the Utah Jazz (See: Mavericks reason).

And like a good, All-American Red-Ass Texas A&M Aggie, I hate the Texas Longhorns.

While it’s actually flattering to be included on a the list with the nine other programs, because usually hate in mass form means you’re winning, I can’t lie it feels good to see Texas ranked ahead of the Aggies of most hated programs.

This is what The Spun had to say about each school.

"7. Texas A&M.The Aggies paid an insane amount of money to land Jimbo Fisher. The program’s fans probably think the team’s ceiling is higher than it is. They have an assistant coach feuding with the entire Big 12 conference. This is a hated program on the rise.6. TexasTom Herman has said some stuff that’s led to criticism and the Longhorns haven’t been very good in a while. This will always be a program that people like rooting against."

Far be it for Aggies to get a little excited about hiring a national-championship-winning head coach. Way to be a buzz kill, The Spun.

Falling on the list is a good thing. Still being behind Texas on it is also a good thing. The Jimbo Fisher era is off to a great start.

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Well done, America. Keep on hatin’.

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