Texas A&M Football: Aggies trade shots on Twitter during Western Conference Finals

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Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals was an intense affair, and two Texas A&M Football players got in on the fun on Twitter during the game.

The Houston Rockets fell short to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals on a historically poor shooting night, blowing a double digit halftime lead for the second straight game and leaving their fans to question “what if” given Chris Paul had to miss both of those games.

Twitter was full of takes during and after the game. From the questionable officiating, to James Harden’s struggles, to people claiming they won’t watch the NBA Finals which is round four of Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Warriors now, it was a fun place to be if you enjoy hot takes.

Aggies star linebacker Tyrel Dodson got in on the fun and had a great exchange with fellow linebacker and fullback (and also 12th Man) Cullen Gillaspia.

First, Dodson made it pretty clear who he was rooting for

Gillaspia clearly didn’t like that very much.

Dodson then had something to say about the Rockets fans justifiably complaining about the refs.

This is in reference to the refs refusing to call fouls for Harden on jump shots. There have been many discussions on whether or not it should be a foul when Harden gets a player to put his hand in the cookie jar and quickly launch a three (in fact, the NBA is going to examine this play in the offseason), but the fact of the matter is those are fouls and should be called. If it’s a foul in the regular season, it’s a foul in the playoffs.

The 12th Man wasn’t having it from Dodson.

Obviously this is in complete jest. No, Gillaspia isn’t threatening to actually take out a star defender’s knees. He is playing fullback now, however, so it’s funny to see them go at each other like this, even if it is all in good fun.

It was a tough night for Houston fans, who’ve had to endear years of heartbreak minus a couple of magical seasons by the Rockets in the 90s and one by the Astros in 2017. The honeymoon is over for the Astros’ win. The 12th Man echoed what most of us are feeling after letting one slip away.

This is Houston to a ‘T’. Here’s to hoping LeBron gets swept and comes to the Rockets to end the dynasty. I’m not sure Rockets fans can take getting to the edge of the mountain top only to fall down with the last step every year.

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