Texas A&M Football: Kyler Murray should run as fast as he can to MLB

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Former Texas A&M football quarterback Kyler Murray was drafted No. 9 overall by the Oakland A’s, and he should leave college football to go to MLB.

Anyone paying attention to college football in 2015 knows how mismanaged the Texas A&M football quarterback situation was. In back-to-back seasons, Kevin Sumlin had recruited a 5-star recruit at the position, and when they were both on campus together during that season, stuff hit the fan.

Kyler Murray and Kyle Allen must have been made promises they felt were broken. That’s the only explanation for BOTH transferring at the end of the season. It was a nightmare scenario for the Aggies, who had designs of riding one of them into national title contention in a year or two.

Usually you can convince one of the embattled guys to stick around when the other is leaving. Nope. They both had enough of Sumlin and hit the road.

Allen ended up at the University of Houston before being benched in his only active season there. He would declare for the NFL Draft and signed as an undrafted free agent with the Carolina Panthers.

Murray is currently in line to take over for Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma, but was just drafted No. 9 overall in the 2018 MLB Draft by the Oakland A’s. If he is smart, he will take that signing bonus and run as fast as he can to the major leagues.

This isn’t a knock on Murray’s ability as a football player. He had a ridiculous career at Allen High School, going undefeated and winning three state titles as their starter. This is more a question of his ceiling in the sport. It’s likely Oklahoma would be his last stop as a quarterback. Unless he changes positions, no NFL team would take a chance on him to be their guy.

Murray is 5-foot-9, maybe 5-foot-10 on good days. That’s almost enough to eliminate him from the NFL conversation alone. He also doesn’t have the necessary accuracy to make it at the next level.

Mayfield is not a tall quarterback, but he was deadly accurate and an incredible leader. This is why the Cleveland Browns took a chance on him. Murray only completed 59 percent of his passes in his short stint with Texas A&M, and also got into shouting matches with assistant coaches that led to a reported split in the locker room.

Murray absolutely has the opportunity to redeem himself as a passer and leader with the Sooners. He hasn’t been in the news for the wrong reasons and Oklahoma appears confident in him for the upcoming season. But is it too much to risk?

MLB scouts call the Texas native a sure-thing. He has power and speed and can play multiple important positions like shortstop or center field. There are way less risks in playing baseball over football, and he will be putting his long-term prospects in jeopardy should he follow through with his word to play football this season.

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He’s already entitled to make millions by virtue of his draft position and has until July 13 to sign his contract offer from the A’s. It would be foolish to put the potential millions as an All-Star baseball player at risk for one more season as a quarterback.

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