Texas A&M Basketball: Why NBA teams should take a chance on DJ Hogg in 2018 NBA Draft

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Texas A&M basketball forward DJ Hogg didn’t have the kind of career he hoped for as a top 50 recruit, but he has a place in the NBA.

Texas A&M basketball will likely have their first player drafted in the first round since Acie Law IV was taken No. 11 by the Atlanta Hawks in 2007. Robert Williams is being projected as a top 15-16 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft by just about anyone who has put a mock draft out this offseason.

But he’s not the only Aggie looking to have his name called tonight. Tyler Davis, DJ Hogg and J.J. Caldwell (who was kicked off the team this season) have all declared for the NBA Draft and are hoping to realize their dream.

There’s also a good chance none of them have that happen, yet. None of the three are showing up in mock drafts. Davis is the only one who had a consistent final season in college, and his game doesn’t seem to translate to the league as it’s currently trending.

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Having said that, I’m here to tell you a team should take a chance on Hogg in the second round, and it’s because of the same reasons I don’t believe Davis will be drafted.

First of all, second round NBA draft picks almost never become starters in the NBA, much less All-Stars. Especially late in the second round, you’re just swinging for the fences and hoping to hit a home run.

So why not take a chance on a guy who is 6-foot-9 and has a beautiful looking jump shot? The market for “3-and-D” wing players is at an all-time high in the NBA. You don’t have to be a guy that can create his own shot anymore. As long as you can hit threes and play some defense, an NBA team will come calling. Hogg projects as a solid stretch four at the next level

Having said that, while Hogg’s physical traits are there, his three and his defense both need some development. He has terrific form on his jump shot and showed off NBA range while with the Aggies, but his career percentage was just 36 percent (though it improved every season and he shot 38 percent in 2017-18). He needs to work on getting it more consistent.

Hogg also needs to find a consistent motor if he wants to have a chance as a defender. He struggled to stay in front of quicker players on defense and was exposed by Michigan’s explosive guards in their Sweet 16 matchup. He isn’t a spectacular athlete like most players in the NBA these days. A good NBA workout routine and spending 24/7 to improve his body could help here.

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Every player taken in the second round isn’t going to be perfect. They all need to improve their game in some aspect. There isn’t a huge risk in drafting Hogg late in the second round, and it could end up paying dividends in the long run for any team that takes him.

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