Texas A&M Basketball: Robert Williams found, has conference call with Celtics

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(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Texas A&M basketball‘s Robert Williams forced the Boston Celtics to postpone a conference call after he couldn’t be contacted

Robert Williams was one of the best players in Texas A&M basketball history, as evidenced by the fact that he became the fourth Aggie ever to be taken in the first round of the NBA Draft.

A&M has mostly been a football school for its existence. The recent run of success from Billy Gillespie all the way to Billy Kennedy is arguably the best stretch in Texas A&M basketball history.

But in what was supposed to be a great night for Williams quickly turned into an interesting morning as he apparently could not be contacted by the Boston Celtics (the team who took him No. 27 overall) for his conference call. They had to postpone it until further notice.

However, as of 11 am central time, it appears the Celtics did indeed track down Williams. A few reporters have been tweeting some interesting comments.

This was almost certainly a case of Williams partying, or at least staying up late after realizing his life-long dream of being taken in the NBA Draft. Despite the fact that he probably would have been a lottery pick had he come out of college a year earlier and he ended up falling all the way to 27, he says he has no regrets.

It may hurt his wallet initially, but that’s about the only negative that can be taken from Williams falling to No. 27. He is set up to be maybe as successful as he could possibly be with the Celtics and Brad Stevens.

I identified the Celtics as one of the best fits for Williams because he won’t be asked to contribute offensively other than cleaning up rebounds and rolling to the basket. He will be the Celtics’ version of Clint Capela, who was a major factor in the Houston Rockets’ 65-win season (even though Williams is not a fan of that comparison).

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Don’t read much into Williams being late for his first press conference. He probably overslept. We’ve all done it. He’ll be just fine.

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