Texas A&M Basketball: Tyler Davis, DJ Hogg not selected in 2018 NBA Draft

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(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

Texas A&M basketball forwards Tyler Davis and DJ Hogg were hoping to realize their dream of being drafted into the NBA, but it didn’t happen.

When Robert Williams was taken No. 27 overall by the Boston Celtics, he became the fourth player in Texas A&M history to be drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft. It was the first since Acie Law IV went No. 11 overall in 2007.

However, a couple of his teammates will have to take a more difficult path to the league. Fellow front court starters Tyler Davis and DJ Hogg went undrafted, meaning they will need to impress a team enough to get signed as an undrafted free agent.

Williams going in the first round was almost a forgone conclusion. Although he fell quite a bit lower than most expected — most mock drafts had him in the 12-15 range — he still ended up in a great situation. The Celtics are likely to be the Eastern Conference’s best team next year, assuming everyone stays healthy.

Brad Stevens is one of the brightest minds in the NBA and has consistently gotten more out of his players than maybe any coach ever. Players who leave his system often fall off a cliff (see: Isaiah Thomas).

But do Davis and Hogg have a place at the next level?

If I were an NBA GM, I could definitely talk myself into giving both players a shot. Davis has an incredible work ethic. The transformation his body went through in his three years was phenomenal. He had conditioning issues as a freshman but averaged nearly 30 minutes per game as a junior.

Davis is a guy that can flat out get buckets in the paint. Unfortunately for him, that trait is not as important as it used to be. You have to be able to stretch the floor and play defense against multiple positions to succeed in the league. Those are not Davis’ strong points.

He could sign with a team that needs scoring off the bench and be a vocal leader.

Hogg has a way better shot of making it in the league. He has a jumper, showed off NBA range in college, and has ideal size to be a “3 and D” wing. His passing skills and ability to create his own shot are not great, but they aren’t weaknesses either.

The biggest reason Hogg was not drafted is his athleticism leaves a little to be desired. He has to work on being a better defender and do whatever he can to improve his quickness so he can stay in front of the incredible athletes in the NBA.

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There is no reason either of these guys need to be down on themselves for not being drafted. They have a lot to offer as basketball players. Keep working and maybe a team will give them a call.

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