Texas A&M football: 5 reasons Aggies could struggle in 2018

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Texas A&M football might be entering their glory years with Jimbo Fisher taking over, but it could take time to get good results on the field.

If you aren’t a rival of Texas A&M football, nor a hater in general, you probably consider the hiring of Jimbo Fisher to be a good thing for the program.

Every decision in sports is going to have its fair share of critics, but few respected experts in the college football world criticized A&M’s hiring of fisher. Most who nit pick the guaranteed contract or the fact that Fisher struggled in his final year are biased in some way.

But that doesn’t mean those of us who are fans of the move aren’t cautiously optimistic, or can’t picture a scenario in which the Aggies struggle on the field in 2018.

Even a national championship winning head coach isn’t perfect.

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However, you can already see the positives from the the hire that make the 10-year, $75 million contract worth it. He’s revitalized the fan base that had grown tired of the late-season collapses — Texas A&M had a school record-setting attendance at the Maroon And White Game.

He currently has the Aggies as the No. 3 overall recruiting class in the 2019 rankings with a couple more 4-star players expected to commit. They are ranked No. 6 in the 2020 class with more and more top guys showing their interest.

Fisher is notoriously hard on his players and you can see that with some of the videos leaking from practice. “It ain’t gonna be like it used to be” is a sure-fire bet sound bite to make it in the “There’s a Spirit” video that plays before every home game. That hasn’t stopped the players from working hard and buying in.

It’s the sort of effect a guy who has been to the mountain top can have.

With all of that said, there are still scenarios you can envision where the Aggies struggle in 2018. Here are five reasons this season might not go as well as it could.