Texas A&M football: 5 reasons Aggies will be better than Texas in 2018

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Texas A&M football has a tough schedule, but even if they finish with the same or fewer wins, the product they put on the field will be better than their rival from Austin.

Texas A&M football has not played Texas since they left for the SEC after the 2011 season. That hasn’t stopped the rivalry from being alive and well.

It mostly centers on whether or not the football teams should play each other again. There are a few schools of thought.

Some Aggies and Longhorns share the idea that the game should be played based on the tradition. It was played more than 100 times in its history. Even though the Longhorns won their fair share of those (more than 70), the last 30 years have been fairly even.

Texas families getting together during Thanksgiving week to talk trash to each other and enjoy the game was something no other school can replace. The LSU game has never felt like a true rivalry game even before LSU won all six of the SEC matchups.

Other Aggies dismiss the idea of playing the game for a couple of reasons. One, they believe Texas has everything to gain from getting the matchup back on the schedule and A&M can only lose. This is assuming an Aggie loss, which sucks. Personally I think we would kick their butts more often than not, especially since the 2012 season.

This school of thought perpetuates the idea that the Big 12 is awful and it would improve Texas’ strength of schedule if they ever get back to contending for national championships. It’s a fair point, but not strong enough to sway the tradition folks.

A number of these Aggies also believe Texas was greedy and that forced the Aggies out of the Big 12, so why reward them by getting the game back.

Finally, you have the t.u. fans who think we were never rivals in the first place because of the win-loss record. This is folly.

So, for now, all we can really do is compare the teams on the field. Here are five reasons why Texas A&M will be better than Texas in the 2018 FOOTBAW season.