Texas A&M football: 3 takeaways from Santino Marchiol’s allegations

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Texas A&M football has come under the microscope for potential rule violations alleged by a former linebacker trying to gain eligibility for the 2018 season.

And here we thought the 2018 season was going to start smoothly. As reported by Dan Wolken of USA Today, Texas A&M football might have an NCAA investigation on their hands stemming from allegations in a waiver request by former linebacker Santino Marchiol.

Marchiol was expected to be part of the depth behind a fantastic trio of starting linebackers this season. When he decided to transfer, most chalked it up to not getting playing time and wanting to improve his situation.

Well, according to Wolken’s report, there were apparently many other reasons.

The Denver, Colorado native made several claims against Jimbo Fisher and his new staff, including recruiting violations, being overworked by coaches over the summer, and the medical staff mishandling an ankle injury. It’s a damning report.

This all came up in a waiver request Marchiol allowed USA Today to see before he handed it in to Arizona.

This waiver, a new rule brought upon by Ole Miss players seeking eligibility after claiming they were misled by Ole Miss, is for players who have “documented mitigating circumstances that are outside student-athlete’s control and directly impact the health, safety and well-being of the student-athlete.”

Essentially, Marchiol wanted to transfer to Arizona without having to sit out a season, and this waiver, and the claims inside it, are a way to prove he transferred for good reason.

It could have lasting effects on both Aggie football and the college football landscape moving forward. Here are some takeaways from it the report.