Texas A&M football: Former Aggies call out Santino Marchiol on Twitter

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(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /

A couple of former Texas A&M football players made remarks on Twitter about Santino Marchiol’s damning allegations that painted the program in a negative light.

You had to figure some former players would come to the defense of Texas A&M football after Santino Marchiol’s allegations against Jimbo Fisher and his staff brought scrutiny onto the program. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday afternoon.

Dan Wolken of USA Today published a report in which Marchiol accused, via a waiver filed to the Arizona compliance department so he can play for Kevin Sumlin immediately, Jimbo Fisher and his staff of paying off recruits, disguising full practices and film sessions as study hall, and mishandling an ankle injury he suffered at a practice this summer.

The report could lead to some serious consequences if the NCAA or SEC find any truth to the report.

This never would have happened had the NCAA not had transfer rules that are completely unfair to the players. Why should a player have to sit out just for transferring when a coach can leave at the drop of a hat without penalty, and the coach actually gets paid.

That’s neither here nor there.

The allegations were sure to fire up some current or former Aggies, and the quarterback of the 2016 team got the ball rolling by straight up calling out Marchiol.


It probably should be noted at this point that none of these guys actually played for Fisher. Still, they are coming to the defense of a program that has seen its integrity called into question. They clearly believe Marchiol is doing the wrong thing by coming after his former program, even though they aren’t really denying these types of things go on in college football.

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There has been much chatter from the media attending Aggie practices that things have changed. The culture has changed. Fisher is tough. Sometimes that rubs players the wrong way. But, if Fisher crossed a line that should not be crossed, A&M will have to pay the consequences. Hopefully the investigation clears them of any wrong doing.

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