Texas A&M football: Behind enemy lines with FanSided’s Clemson writer

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Gig ‘Em Gazette: Do you think Swinney sticks with one quarterback this week? If so, which one?

Rubbing The Rock: The coaches have made it clear that they think both guys—Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence—deserve to play. After watching the Furman game Saturday, I think that’s still the case. You’ll definitely see both quarterbacks at some point or another.

Bryant, the senior leader, will be the starter and then you’ll see Lawrence get rotated into the mix probably near the end of the first quarter or towards the beginning of the second quarter. Most of the time, the old adage “if you don’t have one quarterback, you don’t have a quarterback” is true, but with this Clemson team, that’s just not the case.

The Tigers have two guys that they truly believe they can win a National Championship with. To me, Lawrence is going to be really special. The ball just looks different coming out of his hand, but Kelly Bryant also has his place on the field as well as a dual-threat quarterback who is really a challenge in the run game.