Texas A&M football: 5 Clemson players that could cause problems

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4. Defensive end Austin Bryant

The first of many defensive linemen on this list, Austin Bryant put up ridiculous numbers that would have led many other college teams if he weren’t among this talented group of NFL first-rounders.

He had 15.5 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks in 2017, numbers that look even more impressive when you consider the rest of the numbers this defensive line put up (more on this later), and also that he lines up on the left side of the defense and is tasked more often with stuffing the popular read-option as the unblocked defensive end.

Texas A&M will want to establish the run early and often in this game. They won’t do as much read-option as they did under Sumlin, but Bryant will be tasked with the rest of this defensive line to slow down the Aggie rushing attack that racked up a whopping 503 yards last week.

That speaks to the talent level A&M faced almost as much as their improvement as a whole. Bryant and his defensive line teammates are the best in the business.