Texas A&M football: Seinfeld quote depicts how Aggies should be feeling

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In looking for a way to describe how most Texas A&M football fans are feeling after last night, a Seinfeld quote immediately came to mind.

I’m a huge Seinfeld fan. I can quote just about every episode (except maybe the post-Larry David seasons, but thanks to Hulu I’m getting better). I adore the show, but rarely do I find the quotes helping me describe how I’m feeling after a crushing Texas A&M football loss.

Clemson, thanks to some Aggie mistakes and a little help from the refs, escaped Kyle Field with a narrow two-point victory that needed a defensive stop on a two-point conversion to prevent overtime.

The boys in Maroon and White fought hard all game. They were playing from behind for most of it, and nearly mounted an amazing comeback that would have gone down in history.

Down 15 to start the fourth quarter, both sides of the Aggie ball stepped up in major ways.

The defense forced three punts and allowed only 52 yards. The offense gained 199 yards and were a botched fumble out of the end zone call away from scoring three touchdowns in the quarter (although if they were correctly awarded the ball and scored after that, they might have only needed a field goal to win it at the end).

They showed grit. They showed determination. They oozed heart all over that field on Saturday night. It’s not something Aggie fans are used to, at least not lately.

And it’s at this point you’re thinking “OK, where is the Seinfeld reference?”

Easy question.

There’s an episode in which Elaine buys a kids bike and verbally promises to give it to anyone who could make her neck pain — from when she lifted the back off the rack and Jerry was busy ogling at a woman — go away. Of course Kramer came to the rescue.

Just before applying the teachings from a man who sells t-shirts in Central Park, Kramer says “from pain will come pleasure” and he magically makes the pain go away.

And that’s exactly how I’m feeling this morning, Aggies.

As heart-wrenching and stomach-churning as it is to lose with some mental mistakes, turnovers and the refs jobbing us, the future looks bright. Jimbo Fisher is the truth.

It’s abundantly clear the impact he has on both Kellen Mond and the team in general. They were well equipped to go toe-to-toe with a college football juggernaut. They simply made a few mistakes and the game slipped away from them.

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There is no doubting the trajectory of this team. It’s skyrocketing, and we’re only in the beginning. Enjoy the ride, Aggies. And remember, from pain will come pleasure.

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