Texas A&M football: LSU win proves Fisher is the right man for the job

(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Texas A&M football just won one of the most epic games in college football history over LSU; it ain’t like it used to be.

There might not be a single word in the English language that can accurately describe how Texas A&M football fans are feeling this morning. It’s some combination of excitement, exhaustion, relief, and hope.

The game last night was one of the greatest games in college football history and will surely go down as one of the more miraculous wins in Aggie history. That’s just the birds eye view. In the context of this season and the seasons moving forward with Jimbo Fisher, it’s a win against LSU for the first time in eight tries dating back to 2011, a third straight win in November to close out the season, and proof Fisher is the right man for the job.

Twitter was not short on takes after the game, but a common one was the old quote “I’ve seen em win, I’ve seen em lose, but I’ve never seen em quit.” That’s the best way to put what you saw on Kyle Field last night.

A win and finishing 8-4 in the regular season isn’t much different than Kevin Sumlin’s teams of the past few years, on the surface, but it definitely feels different if you’ve watched every game this season. Sure, there were moments where it felt like nothing had changed, but reflecting on the season as a whole one can only help but feel optimistic.

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The Aggies showed heart and determination on multiple occasions rarely seen in the last 20 years. Where Kevin Sumlin, Mike Sherman and Dennis Franchione lost more big games than they won, serving up helpings of heartbreak that became known as Battered Aggie Syndrome, Fisher finally got the Aggies on the right side of a closely fought battle against a tough opponent.

They fought back against Clemson, who in all likelihood will be facing Alabama in the College Football Playoff championship, after falling behind 14-6 and lost by two after a failed two-point conversion. They gave Alabama a run early, something most teams can’t say. They shook off a fumble return for a touchdown to beat Kentucky in overtime. They shook off a fumble return for a touchdown against Ole Miss to win by double digits.

Against LSU, it was a display of heart like I’ve personally never seen. I’m 31 and have been an Aggie fan since the early 2000s. I didn’t watch them in the 90s, so it’s not something I can relate to.

They were cooked more times than I can remember. They failed a fourth down conversion with 2:32 to play, and it felt over. The defense had other ideas. They got the ball back to the offense after a three-and-out.

Kellen Mond was picked with about 30 seconds left, but had actually gone down with the ball in his hands before the interception. He then converted a 4th-and-18 to Quartney Davis, then completed a pass to Kendrick Rogers down the sideline to the 19 with five seconds left. They spiked the ball with as little of the one second remaining on the clock as possible, and Mond found Davis in the end zone on a miraculous play to send the game to overtime.

Overtime was a roller coaster of emotions that is difficult to accurately describe. The Aggies don’t typically stand toe-to-toe in these situations, but every time it felt like you could write them off, they fought back and made play after play.

From the insane catch by Rogers and the two-point conversion in the third overtime, to the defense standing tall and forcing a field goal after the offense could only get a field goal to start the fourth overtime, to Mond finding Rogers for a touchdown on fourth down to tie the game in the fifth overtime, to Mond finding Davis on 3rd-and-15 in the seventh overtime and then converting the two-point conversion to win the game, each play was seemingly less likely than the last.

The Aggies made a lifetime of incredible, game-changing plays in one night. They equalled LSU’s heart and physicality for the first time since joining the SEC. They refused to lose. They fought for Fisher. They fought for the 12th Man. They proved the Aggie brass made the right call when they brought Fisher in.

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In other words, it ain’t like it used to be.

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