Texas A&M football: Will Aggies finish ahead of Longhorns in rankings?

Texas A&M football is currently five spots behind the Longhorns, but could they finish ahead of them in the final rankings?

Jimbo Fisher finished the 2018 season just about where most thought Texas A&M football would finish in terms of final record. The predictions mostly ranged between eight and nine wins, and they finished 8-4 after their miraculous win over LSU last Saturday night.

They had a tough schedule. They were the only team in the country that had No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Clemson on the schedule, and fought hard in a tough loss to Clemson and were blown out by the juggernaut in Tuscaloosa, but scored more points than anyone else has on them this year.

Texas A&M faced five teams that are currently ranked in the College Football Playoff rankings, and that won’t change after championship weekend. They went 2-3 in those games. Not great, but also not bad either.

The nature of the rivalry with that school down in Austin is the fans will always debate who is better because there is no longer a matchup to prove it. The Longhorns had one good win this season, finished 9-3 and are currently five spots ahead of the Aggies.

But the Big 12 was as weak as it usually is this season, and 9-3 was enough for a spot in the Big 12 Championship this weekend against Oklahoma. Texas played two teams ranked in the final Top 25 and went 1-1, including a win over OU the Sooners will be looking to avenge on Saturday.

You could make the argument A&M deserves to be ranked over Texas already. Using the final rankings, A&M had two ranked wins over Texas’ one. Plus, two of Texas’ supposedly good wins in USC and TCU were identified as fraudulent with the season playing out. USC went 5-7 and TCU went 6-6. It proves they had no business being ranked at the time.

However, the irony of Texas playing in the Big 12 Championship is they could end up dropping below A&M if they pick up a fourth loss, especially if that happens in embarrassing fashion. Even if they don’t drop far enough, it could happen after bowl season.

Most bowl projections have Alabama beating Georgia and Oklahoma beating Texas, then those two losers facing off in the Sugar Bowl. That would be a dream matchup for fans who want the SEC to shut Texas fans up. Spare me the whole “you have to root for your conference” takes. No, we’re rooting for Big 12 teams, especially Texas, to lose. There is a big difference.

A&M would be in a very winnable bowl game against a Big 10 or Big 12 opponent, finish 9-4, and likely ahead of Texas in the final rankings after they get smashed by Georgia. What a sweet day that will be.

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