Texas A&M football: TV Producers knew Kellen Mond’s knee was down right away

(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

The incredible moment when Texas A&M football quarterback Kellen Mond took the best sack in Aggie history was seen immediately by TV producers.

The game between LSU and Texas A&M football will be remembered for an eternity. It was the best regular season game of 2018, and might be one of the greatest regular season games in college football history. It was certainly one of the longest and most compelling, even by the lowest of standards.

But it was almost just another game.

Facing the insurmountable task of going 53 yards in 30 seconds, Mond took a bad snap and rushed a throw as he was getting smashed by LSU linebacker Devin White. The pass was intercepted and the game appeared over as evidenced by the Gatorade shower Ed Orgeron took.

Not so fast, my friend. Upon further review of the play, Mond’s knee was down with possession of the ball before he got up. Replay reversed the call, and the rest was history.

(Fun fact: the ESPN play-by-play account of the game still shows “END OF 4TH QUARTER” on the drive chart instead of “TOUCHDOWN)

As a fan, I can definitely tell you I threw something when the interception happened. I, like the rest of you, probably, assumed the game was over. However, 12th Man Productions was right on top of the play.

Whoever this producer is said “His knee was down, wasn’t it” almost at the exact moment it happened, in real time. They were all over it, instructing their people to replay it over and over and slowing it down to show his knee down with possession of the ball. It was incredible.

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This kind of behind the scenes content is great, although it might not be as cool had the Aggies lost in one of the seven overtimes. Thankfully they finished the job.


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