Texas A&M football: 2020 OL commit weighs in on Texas rivalry

(Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

The discussion of bringing the Texas vs Texas A&M football game is showing no signs of ending; an Aggie 2020 OL recruit weighed in recently.

There is no stopping it — save for the game getting back on the schedule. Texas A&M football has not played their biggest rival, Texas, since leaving for the SEC in 2012.

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It’s hard to take away anything but positives when analyzing the Aggies’ move to the SEC. It has led to more money coming into the program, which in turn led to massive upgrades to Kyle Field and other athletic facilities, an advantage in recruiting over all other Texas schools, and elevated the competition being in the best conference in college football.

It was a smart move for the university, but it sacrificed one of the most historic rivalry games in all of college sports. It’s the 16th-most played matchup in college football history. If the game never stopped, it would be tied for sixth overall, and it would trail only Wisconsin vs Minnesota among Power 5 rivalries.

This is why it’s a constant topic of discussion. This is why most people want the game back, even current students who haven’t experienced the game (as students). It’s also why the discussion will probably never go away until we get an definitive answer.

Rivals.com recently asked some 2020 recruits about the rivalry, and Aggie commit Smart Chibuzo (No. 282 overall, No. 32 offensive tackle, No. 37 in Texas) chimed in.

"“Yeah, I think they should be playing every year. I think it would be a good rivalry and it would settle some things because there’s a lot of beef going on. I feel like if they play one side — either Texas or Texas A&M — will keep their mouth shut.”“I don’t even think they have a big enough stadium. I believe there would be so many people wanting to go it would be the biggest game in history. Probably too big for even the NFL stadiums. Texas A&M has over 100,000 people per game, Texas, likewise, so that’s too big or an NFL stadium.”“I think it would boost both teams recruiting wise because it would be a packed and interesting game. Like the LSU game boosted recruiting for both schools because you don’t usually see stuff like a 7 OT game. I think that made people look harder at those schools because it was a great game.”"

Adding fuel to the fire, Rivals asked each recruit who they thought would win if the two teams played in 2019. Chibuzo chose Texas A&M, obviously (Thanks and Gig ‘Em), but the overall count was four picked the Aggies, three picked Texas, and one dodged the question on purpose.

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This is the crux of the matter. No one really knows, and each fan base believes they would win. The hype for the game is maybe at an all-time high. It’s time to get it back and resume one of college football’s greatest traditions.

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