Texas A&M football: What scouts are saying about Jace Sternberger after NFL Combine

(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
(Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

Jace Sternberger put up a below average NFL Combine in terms of his athleticism, but scouts are still loving the former Texas A&M football All American.

The NFL Combine has its positives and negatives. It can certainly do wonders for some prospects and lose a lot of money for others. It’s a chance for some to stand out. NFL teams would do well to look at the film and use the combine as tie breakers of sorts when ranking prospects on their big board. Texas A&M football star tight end Jace Sternberger is hoping teams take his film into stock more than his workout.

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It was an average (to maybe even below average) weekend for Jace, who was being mocked anywhere from a late first rounder to not even in the top four to five rounds. Scouts are having trouble getting a handle on the consensus First Team All American.

According to Cowboys Wire, Sternberger’s athletic numbers earned him a 111.5 grade on the pSPARQ scale, which placed him in the 34th percentile among NFL athletes. The average NFL player tests out in the 50th percentile so that definitely is not a good look for Jace.

However, Eli Cueller goes on to laud pretty much everything about Sternberger’s game, from his willingness to stick his nose into a defender in the run game to his elite hands and ability to get yards after the catch. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

"Sternberger is a player that might get knocked for not being a “complete” TE. His run blocking could use some improvement, but if teams shy away from him due to his weakness than they are ignoring his game changing strengths. As offenses become more vertical, it is important to have TEs that can stretch the field. Sternberger is one such player, and although he tested poorly at the combine, the player he was on the field speaks volumes about what he can become at the pro-level."

This seems to be the consensus among scouts even after the poor testing at the combine. The Draft Network says of Jace: “size and athleticism are excellent. Offers long speed and run-after-catch ability that few tight ends possess.”

Sports Illustrated has his as the No. 73 in their Top 100, saying “Sternberger is a savvy route runner with natural hands, making up for a lack of elite athleticism. He’ll give effort as a blocker, but probably fits as more of an H-back/flex option rather than an in-line tight end. He has a chance to emerge as a quality second or third option in the passing game.”

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Jace could be one of the first Aggies taken when it is all said and done. The NFL has placed a premium on the tight end position of late. He has proven to be a willing run blocker and his stats and film speak to his brilliance as a receiving option. Whoever gets this guy will be more than happy.

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