Texas A&M football: Kendrick Rogers catch vs. LSU named best play of 2018

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

LSU vs. Texas A&M football was a timeless classic, and Kendrick Rogers’ touchdown catch in the third overtime might be as well.

We aren’t supposed to win these games. If nothing else, the LSU vs. Texas A&M football game that seemed to last an eternity was a testament to things truly changing under head coach Jimbo Fisher. For the past couple of decades, the Aggies have mostly been on the losing end of these closely fought affairs.

We don’t come back and tie the game with almost no time on the clock and some ridiculous plays made by Kellen Mond. We don’t tie the game with a touchdown AND two-point conversion in the third overtime. We don’t hold the Tigers to a field goal to keep us in it in the fourth overtime. We don’t tie the game with a touchdown in the fifth overtime. We don’t convert the two-point conversion in the sixth overtime to ensure at least a seventh OT at worst. We don’t convert the walk-off two-point conversion to win the game in the seventh overtime.

In my head, A&M lost that game 10 times. But we didn’t. We overcame the odds time and time again. The men on that field spat in the face of 20 years of coming up short in big games. They were exhausted, mentally and physically, but continued to fight to the bitter end.

Perhaps buried under the insanity of the game as a whole was Kendrick Rogers’ touchdown catch in the third overtime (objectively a terrible throw by Mond, but, overcoming adversity, and all that). It was a remarkable catch and one that he makes probably one out of 100 times. As such, the play was recognized by ESPN as the wildest play in college football for 2018.

Every time I watch it that ball is hitting the ground. Until it doesn’t.

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Rogers is an absolute monster who can hopefully stay healthy in 2019. The Aggies will need him to get through the gauntlet of their schedule. He can be one of it not the best wide receivers in the SEC when 100 percent.