Texas A&M football: LSU fans can stop crying about officiating now

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The SEC officials coordinator reviewed the bonkers seven overtime game between LSU and Texas A&M football and deemed all plays correctly called.

The Texas A&M football game against LSU will go down in the history books as one of the most exciting games of all time. The seven overtime affair featured a ridiculous amount of scoring — 74-72 final score — with two exhausted teams trading blows like heavyweight fighters. The two teams kept matching each other until Texas A&M finally forced a missed two-point conversion and scored and converted their own for the win.

During and after the game, there were several controversial calls made by the officials that lit up Twitter and other social media outlets. All of these calls went against LSU, so their fan base felt they had been cheated. To this day, fans will say the officials won the game for Texas A&M. Since that day, that notion has been utterly ridiculous.

Each of the calls made did not go LSU’s way, yes, but also they were the correct calls. Just because officials call things that look one-sided does not mean the team those went against were cheated. It means they committed infractions or something happened to explain why a call was overturned or not.

Kellen Mond’s knee was down with control of the ball, clearly, before the game ending interception. The fourth down conversion call was correct — the yellow line on the TV feed was two yards too short. The ball so clearly hit the ground with time on the clock when Mond spiked it. Greedy Williams made contact with Rogers, so whether it was a hold or a PI is moot.

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The only possible call that you could argue was 50/50 was the Jace Sternberger catch in overtime that was ruled not a fumble. There was not enough evidence to overturn that call, and it was so close that it’s almost impossible to rule in real time. Again, correct application of the rules to not overturn without significant evidence.

However, my word is not going to be enough to convince LSU fans they are wrong. I get that, but the word of the SEC officials coordinator should be enough to shut them up for good. Here’s the entire quote of what he had to say about all the calls:

"The first thing that just dominoed on us was, ‘These officials, they’re idiots, they gave them a first down and they were two yards short of the yellow line.’ And we got this, it was crushing us. We went back and looked, the yellow line was off. It was officiated well.”“There were a whole series of potentially game changing plays that were done absolutely correct. That, whether you’re one fanbase or another, you might disagree with, but there was a situation where a quarterback threw an interception, game was over, but his knee was down. You go back and look at the video, his knee was down, picking the ball up. So we overturned that call.As you walk through it late in the game, there was a player, nobody asked about this, but diving for out of bounds, we ruled him inbounds. That was an amazing call. If we’d have ruled him out of bounds, it would have taken more controversy out, but we ruled him correctly inbounds. Nobody asked about that.“Three seconds left on the clock, so we know now by rule you have an opportunity to spike it if you do it properly, they spiked it, clock went to zero, game was over again. Replay comes in, there’s one second left on the clock. You can look at it. It’s absolute. They put it back on there. Then there was a catch/no catch.And so, you go through all these plays, 255 of them, and there was one play, and I said this straight up, that there was a pass interference call on a 2-point play and in my judgment, I clearly see there was contact. There was a little bit of a hold there. The ball was ruled catchable and was catchable because we see, these guys are great athletes. It’s got to be blatantly uncatchable to be uncatchable. So it was in the catchable range, but it’s one of those fouls, in that situation you’re probably better to stay away from. He didn’t make it up. There’s clearly contact. There’s clearly a little tug. But it’s something you wouldn’t want. And I said that.If you take that whole series or stretch, there was one, potentially, marginally, missed call. And that’s the worst officiated game in the history? I think that was a tipping point to say, I just don’t think we can sit back and not say anything. When you say things, then you have to say, we were correct or we were incorrect and you have to live with that.”"

The best part? If you click on the article above, there are still LSU fans in the comments disagreeing. Bless their hearts.

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LSU fans should stop crying about the officials now. Karma is undefeated. Maybe if the officials had called the offsides on LSU four years prior, they could have had one of these calls go their way. Thankfully the refs made the correct calls this time around.