Texas A&M football: Finally, $10 beers will be available at Kyle Field

(Photo by Juan DeLeon/Icon SMI/Corbis via Getty Images)
(Photo by Juan DeLeon/Icon SMI/Corbis via Getty Images) /

As if you couldn’t have more reasons to want to go to Kyle Field, you can now buy overpriced Bud Light at football games! Huzzah!

Rejoice, Texas A&M football fans! Thanks to the SEC adjusting their rules to allow for the sale of beer and wine in public areas of their stadiums (both have been available to guests in suites for years), Kyle Field will now have overpriced beer available to you during football games!

Proponents of $10 beers can take solace knowing their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Kyle Field was already the best environment in all of college football. Now, your experienced will be enhanced 10-fold with the ability to purchase a 16-ounce beer for more than the price of a six-pack of the same beer at your local HEB.

Is it a surprise that Texas A&M is the first school in the SEC to officially adopt the rule change? It shouldn’t be. The Aggies have been at the forefront of many innovations, this is simply the latest proof Texas A&M is willing and ready to adapt to the times. I, for one, have long lamented the lack of $10 beers at collegiate sporting events.

Interim Athletic Director R.C. Slocum had this to say about the rule change:

"This is another way we are enhancing the amenities at Kyle Field,” he said, according to CBS. “We are extending the availability of alcohol beyond the premium areas which have had this option for many years. Fans, 21 and older, will have the option to purchase alcohol, regardless of seating area.”"

A couple of things to note: The vendors you see walking through the seats selling beer and other goodies at professional sporting events will still not exist, and, like in every venue, you will be limited on the number of drinks you can purchase per visit (two, likely).

In all seriousness, this is a good change. It will increase revenues at stadiums and give fans paying big money for seats the ability to drink something to help them forget how much money they spent on those seats.

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Brb…starting a Go Fund Me so I can afford beers at games. I also accept Venmo.