Texas A&M football will win ESPY award for Best Game

(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Texas A&M football has been nominated for the Best Game ESPY, of which they will surely win with their seven-overtime victory over LSU.

When Kellen Mond hit Quartney Davis over the middle for a touchdown on 3rd-and-14 in the seventh overtime, and then hit Kendrick Rogers for the two-point conversion to beat LSU in a game no one will soon forget, it was a feeling Texas A&M football fans weren’t use to.

The refs usually make a bad call that screws us out of a win, not correct calls that lead to victory. Teams in the past folded under immense pressure, this team rose to the occasion. Teams in the past didn’t respond time and time again with their backs against the wall in this kind of game.

It also marked the first time Texas A&M beat LSU since joining the SEC and the first time they finished second place in the division (yes, even in 2012); both are signs the program is trending up with Jimbo Fisher.

Both the spectacular and controversial way the game ended had social media ablaze. It was all any sports fan could talk about in the few hours after the game. So, it makes sense this game would be nominated for an ESPY in next month’s award show. I’m here to tell you they will win.

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Oh, you’re a Rams (or Chiefs?) fan that wants to pretend their Monday Night Football matchup was more spectacular? Please. Spare me.

For one, that game didn’t even go to overtime, and college overtime rules are already more exciting than NFL overtimes. The LSU-A&M game is just the fifth ever to go to seven overtimes. Hell, the NCAA changed the overtime rules as a result of this game.

Also, It legitimately featured some of the worst defense I’ve ever seen and sloppy play by both teams to inflate the score into the 50s. You could make the argument worse defense was played in a game where both teams scored 70+ points and is the highest scoring game ever, but that’s an unfair assessment considering the offense is put in scoring position in college overtime. The game was tied at 31 going into overtime and both teams were gassed at that point.

The main contender for this award is the NCAA Women’s Final Four game between Notre Dame and UCONN which featured 26 lead changes. Admittedly, that game had more at stake with a birth in the title game on the line, but it’s a dime a dozen among plenty of Final Four games that came down to the wire.

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Congrats are in order for Notre Dame and the Rams for winning closely fought games, but they do not compare here. Aggies in a landslide.