Texas A&M Football: 3 most important newcomers in 2021

Bobby Brown, Texas A&M Football
Bobby Brown, Texas A&M Football /
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Texas A&M Football
Bobby Brown, Texas A&M Football /

Texas A&M Football Newcomer: DT Shamar Turner

The Texas A&M football team has depth at almost every position. The quarterback situatiuon is pretty cut-and-dried, there is a handful of skill position players returning, and the defense has minimal losses.

But there is one position that the Aggies’ don’t have a ton of depth at. Defensive tackle.

With the departure of Bobby Brown III, the Texas A&M football team doesn’t have a plethora of defensive tackles to choose from. As the 2nd-best run defense in the country last season, they’ll probably have a plan, but they may need to turn to some younger talent in 2021.

One of the most talented players in this class happens to be at the defensive tackle position. Actually, “happens to be” is bad phrasing, as this was mapped out by Jimbo Fisher and his recruiting class to try and replace a hole left by Brown.

The Aggies will be welcome defensive tackle Shamar Turner to the team. As a 5-star high school recruit, he is as good of a newcoming option as this team could possibly find. At 6’3.5″, he already has the size required to do the dirty work and clog opposing teams’ run offenses early in his career.

That said, he probably won’t be starting day one. He will, however, play a crucial role in the 2021. Whether he’s switching off with DeMarvin Leal as a defensive end or stuffing the run in the middle, he will find a role this year.