Texas A&M Football: 3 All-American candidates for the 2021 season

Jaylon Jones, Texas A&M Football
Jaylon Jones, Texas A&M Football /
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Texas A&M Football
Jaylon Jones, Texas A&M Football /

Texas A&M Football’s defensive end Jaylon Jones is destined to be a star

There are a handful of players to choose from on the defensive side of the ball, but to me, one single guy stands out as someone who could compete for All-American honors. That player is Jaylon Jones.

The former 5-star recruit came into College Station as a cornerback who could do virtually everything. There was room for improvement after his freshman year, but he did an honorable job in the toughest conference in college football.

He’s big for a cornerback, which allows him to throw receivers off of their route before it even begins. The main dig on Jones is that he’s inexperienced without knowledge of complex route combinations. As he enters his second year, he’ll have a more vast knowledge and this should slowly disappear as a criticism of his game.

In 2021, he’ll be the top cornerback for the Aggies. That said, this team has a ton of depth, so he’ll have to be strong-minded to be the number one guy in the secondary on this team.

He may not be the most well-rounded player on the team quite yet, but Jones has more potential than anybody the Aggies have seen in the secondary in a long time. If he has a good season, expect him to explode into the national spotlight.