Texas A&M Football: Jimbo Fisher puts shocking number to Haynes King’s speed

Haynes King, Texas A&M Football
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football /
Texas A&M Football
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football /

The Texas A&M Football team is knee-deep in one of the most interesting quarterback competitions in school history.

After three and a half years of Kellen Mond, this team will have to look to their new passer to give this team an identity. Mond was an incredible quarterback, but the next player to step into this role could be even better.

Right now, the competition stands between two quarterbacks, with a third player hanging around in the shadows. The two competing are Zach Calzada and Haynes King, while Eli Stowers is an extremely talented freshman who could sneak in and steal the spot.

Texas A&M Football HC Jimbo Fisher revealed a jaw-dropping stat about Haynes King

During the Aggies’ coaches’ night, Jimbo Fisher had quite a few surprising comments about his team. He spoke about many aspects of next season, including Demond Demas, the defense, and beating Alabama.

But among all of the comments, one, in particular, stood out.

Throughout the entire night, Fisher had a lot of positives to say about the quarterback position. Most notably though, he mentioned Haynes King’s speed, an area that has been surrounded by speculation and very few facts.

Fisher referred to King as a guy who could run a sub-4.50 40-yard dash. At the quarterback position, this is extremely rare. The quote can be seen below.

Haynes King is the favorite to win the starting quarterback position for the 2021 Texas A&M Football team. If these comments about his speed are true, the Aggies’ could have one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the country.

That said, there will be a long way to go for a quarterback who has hardly played any football at the college level. First, he has to win the job. Secondly, he’ll have to come up against SEC defenses, some of which will be among the best in the country.

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We’ve already gotten a glimpse of King’s speed in two games played. He has had 6 rushing attempts for a total of 43 yards, proving that he can get going when necessary. That said, he’ll be a passer first for the Aggies. Look forward to a good season, as this quarterback competition is just getting started.