Texas A&M Football: 3 reasons TAMU vs ‘Bama will be game of the year

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Texas A&M Football
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The Texas A&M Football has a ton of returning talent, Alabama does not

Say what you want about the matchup between these two teams in 2020, but you can’t take away the accomplishments of this past seasons’ Texas A&M Football team. They went 9-1, only losing to Alabama, who had arguably their best season of all time.

Alabama won’t be that good again, but the Texas A&M Football team could be better than they were last year.

The Aggies’ will return the 16th-most production in college football. This is an especially jarring number considering the offense loses its quarterback and four offensive linemen. The defense also saw two players taken in the NFL Draft. The talent that is returning is the real deal.

The Crimson Tide, on the other hand, had more players taken in the NFL Draft than any other school. They had 10 taken, with six of them going in the first round. You read that right, they had six first-round players on their team last year.

Somehow, most media outlets still consider them an early favorite to win the national championship. I’m a personal believer that calling any team that is losing a majority of its starters and early national champion favorite is completely uninformed.

That said, this is Alabama. While they’ll inevitably regress from last season, they won’t get that much worse. This will be a game between two teams of a very similar skill level.