Texas A&M Football: Will new recruit photo room help recruiting?

Kyle Field, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Kyle Field, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
Texas A&M Football
Kyle Field, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Texas A&M Football team has always been able to pull in talent from across the country. Specifically, a lot of good players come from the state of Texas, a hotbed for recruiting in the US.

But within the state itself, there is a lot of competition for the Texas A&M Football Team. Rather than getting all of these recruits for themselves, they have to fight with the University of Texas, Texas Tech, and a handful of other schools. Even schools like Alabama and LSU try to sneak in and steal recruits. It’s a true showdown each year when it comes to recruiting.

Thankfully, everybody surrounding the Texas A&M Football program knows this. Jimbo Fisher has been taking recruiting extremely seriously, while Athletic Director Ross Bjork has been taking strides to make sure that the football program is a step ahead of everybody else.

The Texas A&M Football team added a new recruit photo room

Just under a month ago, Texas A&M officially unveiled their new recruiting photo room. They did it in a video that showed all of the facilities. The entire video can be seen below.

The video first shows an overhead view of Kyle Field, one of the more impressive stadiums in the country. It then continues to show off more of the team’s facilities, leading you into the football team’s gaming room. It follows this by showing an Orange Bowl Trophy, which, apparently is kept replenished with fresh oranges year-round.

After seeing all of this, the TikTok video shows the new photo room for recruits. In the room, recruits will position themselves on a cutout of the state of Texas on the ground. Behind them, you see a modern design with the TAMU logo in the middle.

While a simple photo room may not seem like much, recruits love this kind of thing. A very small difference here could go a long way for this football team and its recruiting down the road. This could be the first of many strong investments for Ross Bjork.

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Recruiting will finally return to normal on June 1st, so we’ll get a better idea as to whether or not this will help out recruiting in the month of June. Time will tell, but it can’t make Jimbo Fisher’s job any more difficult.