Texas A&M Football’s offense could shock the college football world

Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M Texas A&M leads Auburn 14-10 at halftime.
Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M Texas A&M leads Auburn 14-10 at halftime. /
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Texas A&M Football
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The Texas A&M Football team is projected to have another top ten season in 2021. Jimbo Fisher is looking to finally make a run at the College Football Playoff, and to get there, he’ll need a lot of help from an experienced returning defensive unit.

But what if the defense isn’t necessarily the key part of this team’s success in 2021? Last year’s offense was lackluster compared to the guys on the other side of the ball, but injuries plagued a wide receiver room, crippling the Aggies’ offense.

Texas A&M Football’s new offensive line and QB will have time to settle in

Another assumption that has been thrown around in relation to the Texas A&M Football team is that quarterback production will see a step back in 2021. While that may be true for a while, the Aggies’ new quarterback, whether it be Zach Calzada or Haynes King, may have a higher ceiling than their predecessor in Kellen Mond.

While Mond was good, he had a distinct ceiling as a player. He was never a Heisman candidate, but he was extremely reliable for Jimbo Fisher.

At first, I can almost guarantee that you’ll see a regression at the QB spot. The chances that a first-year quarterback will look as comfortable as the team’s passer as Mond are extremely slim. That said, the Aggies’ have an extremely easy start to their schedule, giving room for the quarterback-to-be to grow into himself before the team gets into the meat of the SEC.

If the Aggies can establish a dominating run game in the first few games, the first-year quarterback can get comfortable and become a dominant player in the best conference in college football. The Aggies’ offensive line and QB positions are filled with promise.

But there are two more important pieces to this puzzle.