Texas A&M Basketball: Buzz Williams gives out daily inspiration on Twitter

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Buzz Williams, Texas A&M Basketball Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Buzz Williams has had a pretty under-the-radar start to his job as head coach of the Texas A&M Basketball team. In two years in charge, the former Virginia Tech head coach hasn’t done much of note.

The Aggies have a losing record in those seasons and rather than developing players, Williams found himself spending the 2021 offseason trying to pull in new guys to join his team. It’s hard to blame him, as last year’s Aggie basketball team was one of the worst in recent memory.

Year three will be telling for Williams, as he may not be around for a year four if he can’t get things back on track outside of COVID-19. Thus far, the Aggies have brought in a handful of talent and should take a step forward.

Most notably, the Texas A&M Basketball team will be home to former 5-star recruit Manny Obaseki, Duke transfer Henry Coleman, and a handful of other promising players. It may not be a traditional route to success but there’s no denying the talent that Williams has brought into College Station.

Texas A&M Basketball HC Buzz Williams gives out daily inspiration on Twitter

The best part about Buzz Williams thus far has not come on the court though. In fact, Williams’ has a lot of work to do in that regard. That said, he has been nothing but excellent off the field.

Recently, Williams has taken to Twitter during the offseason to post daily inspirational quotes. It started with sporadic tweets but has slowly turned into a daily occurrence. Here is his most recent tweet:

This is one of many tweets that he puts out. Clearly, Williams is trying to establish a certain attitude as the 2021-22 season approaches. This time around, there will be no lack of effort from his team in SEC play.

Here are a couple more of his tweets.

“You’ve got to go through something, to be something…”

“Invest in people, who invest in you!”

We’ll talk about his overuse of commas on another day but clearly, Williams is looking to put out tweets that resonate with his student-athletes. A large portion of the team is constructed of transfers, so his message should get through to his team.

Hopefully, we’ll see this translate to the way that they perform on the court, as this team could use a boost next season.