Texas A&M Football: Why Texas haters should want Longhorns in the SEC

Dante Hall, Texas A&M Football The Longhorns defeated the Aggies 26-24.
Dante Hall, Texas A&M Football The Longhorns defeated the Aggies 26-24. /
Texas A&M Football
Dante Hall, Texas A&M Football The Longhorns defeated the Aggies 26-24. /

The Texas A&M Football team was hit with some unexpected news this week when Oklahoma and Texas announced that they would be attempting to leave the Big 12 and join the SEC. For some Aggie fans, this was good news, renewing one of the best rivalries in college football.

For most, however, this was the worst kind of surprise. At least on the surface.

When Texas A&M left the Big 12, they partially did it to get away from the Longhorns, who virtually did whatever they wanted in the conference. This was evident by the Big 12’s recent rule against opposing teams using a “Horns Down” gesture, which now seems like a last-ditch effort to keep their biggest brand in the conference.

It was even more evident by the inception of Longhorn Network, which was said to push Texas A&M out of the Big 12.

Now, this is clearly not the reason why the Aggies decided to upgrade conferences, but it was a contributing factor as to why they would no longer want to remain in their old one. Texas A&M got an upgrade and left their role as second-fiddle in the Big 12.

The Texas Football program would not receive the same treatment in the SEC as they did in the Big 12

For lack of a better expression, Texas A&M was living in Texas’s shadow when both teams were aligned in the Big 12 conference. It was a great rivalry, yes, but it was a tough situation for the Texas A&M Football program.

This can’t happen in the SEC.

Not only will Texas not have the same pull on the conference, but they won’t be able to win on the field nearly as frequently. One of the most delusional fanbases in the country in the Texas Longhorns will realize that they’re definitely not the best team in their own conference. Not even their own division.

They’re probably fourth or fifth — and even that may be optimistic.

Yes, they’ll still have one of the largest brands, but the second they join the SEC, Longhorn Network will be in the dumpster. There won’t be any rules against “Horns Down” gestures, so what is there to be afraid of?

The Aggies are already in direct competition with Texas when it comes to recruiting, so there will be very few changes there. If anything, the Longhorns will suffer in that aspect, now competing more directly with Georgia, Alabama, LSU, and other SEC powerhouses.

If you’re a Texas A&M fan, you hate Texas, and you want to see them receive the same treatment that you received years ago, you should be all for their move to the SEC. They’re going to receive at least one beatdown from a superior SEC team in ‘Bama or LSU and probably lose 4-5 games per year.

Yes, the rivalry between A&M and Texas ended on a sour note, but the Aggies’ program is in an undeniably better place than that of the Longhorns. Why would you not want the return of this Thanksgiving staple, which would likely swing in your favor at this point?

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This move should be the Texas Longhorn haters’ dream scenario.