Texas A&M Football: Isaiah Spiller was snubbed in these SEC RB rankings

Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /
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Tank Bigsby, Auburn Football Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports /

Auburn Football RB Tank Bigsby is more than just an extremely cool name

If this was a competition to see who has the coolest name, you’d have to give the edge to Tank Bigsby. I mean, seriously, it’s a great name.

That said, I think Spiller should get the edge in terms of the SEC’s runningbacks in 2021. In fact, I don’t even think Bigsby should be number two, that spot should go to Kevin Harris, who dropped to the 4th spot after leading the SEC in rushing yards last year.

Bigsby does have one thing on his side — he’ll be getting the help of Mike Bobo, the same coordinator who helped Kevin Harris league the league in yards last season. The former South Carolina coach is now an offensive coordinator at Auburn.

Even so, this doesn’t make enough sense. For starters, the Tigers have a strong returning quarterback in Bo Nix who will pass the ball frequently. Granted, if Nix has a great season, he may open the door for Bisby to rush the ball more effectively. Even so, it seems unlikely that this team will be able to get into an early groove with a coaching overhaul this offseason.

Spiller, on the other hand, has a coaching staff that knows him like the back of their hand and won’t be afraid to put the load of the offense on his back.

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The picks by Saturday Down South over Spiller aren’t terrible. Rather, they chose the risky choices above IP in Rodriguez and Bigsby. Hopefully, Spiller uses this as motivation to put up his best numbers yet in 2021.