Texas A&M Football: 3 boiling hot takes heading into the 2021 season

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /
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Boiling Hot Take No. 3: The Texas A&M Football team will beat Alabama for the first time since 2012

This take almost directly contradicts my first take in this slide show. Guess what? I don’t care.

I think if there has ever been a year to have confidence in this Texas A&M Football team against Alabama, it’s this year. As previously mentioned, the Crimson Tide are replacing a lot of talent, especially on the offensive end, where the hemorrhaged A&M last season.

To give you some perspective, here’s a well-written excerpt from College Football News about the Crimson Tide next season.

"“No big whoop. Just replace the (likely) New England Patriot starting quarterback coming off one of the most efficient years in college football history (Mac Jones), a Heisman-winning wide receiver (DeVonta Smith), another wide receiver who’s probably even better (Jaylen Waddle), a running back who deserved the Heisman (Najee Harris), a first round offensive tackle (Alex Leatherwood), a second round center (Landon Dickerson), and another drafted guard (Deonte Brown). Oh, and while you’re at it, replace the new head coach of the Texas Longhorns at offensive coordinator (Steve Sarkisian).”"

Those are a lot of replacements to be made and most college football outlets are writing it off with expressions like “it’s Alabama, they’ll be alright” or “Nick Saban is still the head coach.” I think those are lazy takes.

The contest between these two teams will be a relatively early-season game. It’ll be each team’s 6th game of the season, and while the Crimson Tide will be worn out from opponents like Miami and Florida, A&M will be itching for a challenge.

With a ton of experience on defense and one of the best defensive linemen in college football, I just don’t see Alabama putting up 45 or more points as they have in each of the past three seasons.

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This could be the year for A&M.