Texas A&M Football: Predicting starting QB Haynes King’s 2021 stats

Haynes King, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Haynes King, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Texas A&M Football
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Texas A&M Football starting quarterback Haynes King will have a relatively quiet year as a passer

Predicted 2021 Passing Stats: 2,400 yards, 20 TD, 10 INT

The numbers that I’m predicting Haynes King to accumulate over the course of the 2021 season are modest — I’ll give you that — but his rushing totals will make up for it. That said, he’s an undeniably more confident runner at this point in time.

Nobody should expect an explosive season through the air out of Haynes King. Throughout the time that we’ve seen him play in spring games and regular-season action, he hasn’t “wowed” anybody with his ability to throw the ball. Rather, he’s a slithery runner who can make plays when he needs to.

I think this will translate directly to the stat sheet.

In terms of yardage, I think King could turn some heads. The primary factor that will hold him back is the fact that this team will likely be more willing to get the running game going early with an almost entirely revamped offensive line. Four new starters upfront doesn’t always bode well for an air-raid offense.

Still, King has all of the weapons he might need around him. Specifically, he has a short-yardage threat in Ainias Smith, a deep-threat in Caleb Chapman, and a red zone threat in Jalen Wydermyer. The young quarterback has all of the tools necessary to succeed.

Still, I think the fact that he has a young, learning offensive line could open the door for some early mistakes, leading to the relatively high interception total. He’ll be restricted schematically at first, but could open up as the season continues.