Texas A&M Football: 3 ways Haynes King will change the offense

Haynes King, Texas A&M Football
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Even with a quarterback competition that has been raging on since the conclusion of the 2020-21

Texas A&M

Football season, the offseason has been long. That said, with just a week and a half until the return of Aggie football, the preseason hype is finally starting to build up.

To add to an already-excited fanbases excitement, Jimbo Fisher announced on a radio show that Haynes King would be the starting quarterback of the football team. This wasn’t a big surprise, but it was a positive bit of news for a team that had a seemingly endless quarterback battle going on.

And with this announcement comes a lot of excitement and even more questions. How will King perform as the starter? Is his position set in stone? How will he change the offense?

That last question will be the one that I’ll be focusing on today, starting with the most simple change.

Texas A&M Football starting quarterback Haynes King will change Isaiah Spiller’s job

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, but Haynes King‘s presence as the starting quarterback will have an immediate effect on Isaiah Spiller, the Aggies’ starting runningback. Last season, Spiller had a strong year, though Texas A&M ran a pretty balanced offense.

In 2021, the offense will be extremely run-heavy. A large part of the reasoning behind this is due to the fact that Jimbo Fisher’s squad only has a single returning starting lineman in Kenyon Green. It would be stupid to roll out of the gate with a pass-heavy scheme.

The other, more important part of this lies on King’s shoulders. The young quarterback needs to build up confidence. If Texas A&M is able to get their run game chugging early in the year, the passing game will split open like a coconut. That lies on Spiller’s shoulders. In short, King himself won’t be changing the offense. Rather, his presence will make a huge difference.

King himself will change a couple of things though.