Texas A&M Football: 2 improvements we need to see out of Zach Calzada

Zach Calzada, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Zach Calzada, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /
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Zach Calzada, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

Texas A&M football QB Zach Calzada, Improvement No. 2: Scrambling

This part is actually one of the more promising areas for Zach Calzada. Sure, he’s not the same level of scrambler as Haynes King, but who is?

Calzada, although he’s a pro-style quarterback, is relatively mobile. He’s definitely not a threat on the ground, but with a poor offensive line, he’s able to escape pressure decently well. He’ll need to do it better in the future. Calzada’s lack of willingness to run the football may be part of why this offense feels like it is experiencing some resistance.

That said, we’ve already seen drastic improvements from him in this category, best exemplified by a 26-yard touchdown run against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

And again, he’s not Haynes King, but Calzada is pretty quick for a guy his size. If he can consistently make plays as he did against Mississippi State, opposing teams will loosen up their coverage a bit to avoid running plays by the Aggie quarterback.

This, in turn, will help him increase numbers like his yardage, touchdown-to-interception

Still, there are areas within this that Calzada can improve. As an example, a pass on the run from the Aggie quarterback landed just behind Demond Demas early against Mississippi State. It wasn’t the worst pass in the world, but Demas couldn’t handle it, leading to an early interception and a shift in momentum.

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Who knows how much he can improve in this category before Haynes King returns. Still, it should be something that he’s keeping an eye on.