This Texas A&M football locker room video will make you run through a wall

Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /
Texas A&M football
Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

The Texas A&M football team secured one of the greatest victories in school history on Saturday, knocking off a Nick Saban-led Alabama team that seemed unbeatable. With a winning streak of 19 games, it didn’t look like they’d ever lose again.

But they did, and it came at the hands of his former assistant in Jimbo Fisher, who took home the win on his birthday.

And as you’d expect, anybody involved with Texas A&M football was hyped through the roof, with fans rushing the field and players celebrating in the mess of people. But the best celebration was saved for the locker room after the game.

This Texas A&M football locker room video will have you ready to run through a brick wall

After the crowd settled and the Aggies returned to the locker room, the camera crew caught up. And what they captured will give anybody chills. Watch for yourself via the Texas A&M Football Twitter account.

The video starts with Kenyon Green, offensive lineman and arguably the best player on the team, with a ball in his hands. He begins by saying that Jimbo Fisher is “the first coach to beat Nick Saban,” referencing the Tide head coach’s 24-0 record against former assistants.

This gets the entire locker room cheering.

Then Green goes on to remind everybody in the room that Fisher didn’t just beat Nick Saban on any random day — Fisher did it on his 56th birthday. This sent the locker room into a frenzy that had players, coaches, and media members hyped beyond what anybody thought was possible before the start of the game.

Naturally, “Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo” chants began.

Then, the most unexpected thing happened when Fisher began dancing. I won’t get into a full analysis on the dance itself, but I’ll say this — we can be glad that Fisher’s college football coaching abilities exceed his ability to hit a move on the dance floor.

The Texas A&M football team displayed real team chemistry in and after this win

Not only did this team show chemistry when they were down, supporting quarterback Zach Calzada after a couple of poor performances led to two losses for the Aggies, but the Aggies had great energy in the locker room when they were up.

This video shows that Fisher isn’t just running a factory for players to reach the NFL — he’s giving these guys a great experience in a great environment.

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The Aggies may not be the contender that we thought they were at the beginning of the season, but this win made things extremely interesting in the SEC. Heck, it may even be time to start considering whether or not A&M could be the first two-loss College Football Playoff team.