Texas A&M Football: Handing out 2021 midseason awards

DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /
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Zach Calzada, Texas A&M Football Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports /

Texas A&M Football Miscellaneous Awards, Week 1-6

Most Improved Player: Antonio Johnson (CB)

Usually, the Most Improved Player award would go to an offensive player. That said, this season has been far from a usual season.

Antonio Johnson came out of nowhere this season as a nickelback who has been making plays all over the field. Heck, I could even make an argument that Johnson has been the team’s most valuable player over the choice that I’ll make on the next page.

He’s currently leading the Aggies in tackles with 47 on the year and he has been disruptive in the passing game as well, deflecting four passes in six games. He’s been a great tackler and open space and a shining star on a really good defensive unit.

Freshman of the Year: Shemar Turner (DL)

Admittedly, this isn’t an award with much competition, as the Aggies have been led by veteran players so far. That said, Shemar Turner showed that he can be an impact player already, recording a sack and a half and four tackles in the Aggies’ opener against Kent State.

He’s been quiet since, but could still make a big impact down the stretch.

Clutch Player of the Year: Zach Calzada (QB)

Another admission — I created this award specifically for Zach Calzada. Heck, I created all of the awards because I can. No complaints will be allowed.

You can say a lot of things about Calzada this season. He’s been terrible at times and great at other times. Even with a great performance under his belt against Alabama, his numbers are not friendly to the eye.

But the two undeniable parts of his game are that he’s been extremely tough and extremely clutch. Calzada played his best game against Alabama and returned to lead a game-winning drive after being unable to walk a few minutes prior.