Texas A&M Football: 3 overreactions from 44-14 rout of South Carolina

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Overreaction No. 2: The Texas A&M football team is Georgia’s biggest challenger in the SEC

Do you know how I wasn’t sure about the last one being an overreaction? Well, this one definitely is. Heck, it may not even be entirely wrong, but it’s a stretch at the very least.

Still, I think you’ll find that there is good reason to believe that the Aggies are Georgia’s biggest challenger, or at least the toughest team in the SEC outside of the Bulldogs.

Let me start by prefacing that a lot has to happen for Texas A&M to even have a chance to take on the Georgia Bulldogs in 2021. Without Georgia on their schedule, the only opportunity for these two teams to face off would either be in the SEC Championship Game or the College Football Playoff.

To even reach the SEC Championship game, Alabama and Ole Miss, two of the best teams in the country, would have to lose another game. The Aggies would also have to be on the friendly side of a handful of tiebreakers.

That said, Alabama has looked extremely vulnerable this year, and despite Ole Miss’s strong offense, the Rebels defense has been awful. The Aggies are the only team not named Georgia that is capable of playing well in all three phases of the game.

I don’t know if Texas A&M will get a chance to knock off Georgia, but if I’m a Bulldogs fan, I’d be hoping that I don’t see the Aggies as my opponent in the SEC Title Game.