Texas A&M Football: Aggies can sneak into top-10 without even playing

Ainias Smith, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Ainias Smith, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

The Texas A&M football team has clawed its way back into the top-15 of the AP Poll. Just a few weeks ago, this same team was unranked after its second consecutive loss at the hands of an underwhelming SEC team.

The first was to Arkansas, the second was to Mississippi State.

But since that point, this team has done nothing but play elite football. The Aggies’ knocked off No. 1 Alabama before destroying Missouri and South Carolina in back-to-back dominating performances. This string of events has the Texas A&M football team on the verge of re-entering the top ten.

The Texas A&M football team could sneak back into the top ten without even winning a football game

The Aggies have their bye week ahead. For Texas A&M football fans, this will make for a boring weekend, especially with the momentum that we’ve seen out of Jimbo Fisher’s squad. That said, it’s a well-needed rest week for a team that has been beaten up all season long.

But even on a weekend where the Aggies aren’t playing, they can win. Here’s how.

As things stand, Texas A&M’s destiny in the 2021 season is predicated on what happens around them. While A&M has bounced back nicely from an early-season lul, they must see certain teams lose in order to have any chance at reaching the SEC Championship game or the College Football Playoff.

This weekend, there’s a good chance that this will happen.

Already, we know that a single team will drop in the AP Poll. That team will be either No. 6 Michigan or No. 8 Michigan State, who will be facing off in one of the best rivalries in college football as of late.

No. 9 Iowa will face a stingy Wisconsin team in a game where the Badgers are actually a favorite. Let’s say these two games alone result in losses for top ten teams — the Aggies would likely move up to the 12th spot.

The third game, and one that Aggie fans should keep their eyes on, is Ole Miss at Auburn, which will play a key role in A&M’s aforementioned destiny. Should Auburn pick off the Rebels, the Aggies would have another step to take forward. This leaves just a single jump to re-enter the top ten, which could come at the hands of a few different teams.

No. 20 Penn State will be taking on No. 5 Ohio State in a game that could see the Buckeyes struggle. No. 11 Notre Dame takes on a tough North Carolina squad, while No. 12 Kentucky takes on a Mississippi State team that knocked off a ranked Aggie football team.

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Outside of that, there aren’t many threatening matchups. That said, this weekend of college football could see things shaken up more than we’re accustomed to. Don’t be surprised if Texas A&M sneaks into the top ten without even playing a game of football.