Texas A&M Football: 3 Aggie implications after Week 9 SEC action

Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M football (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M football (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /
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Texas A&M football
Texas A&M football (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images) /

The Texas A&M football team did not play this Saturday — the Aggies had a bye week. Instead, they sat on their couches and watched college football action like the rest of us. And boy, was it a week of action.

Eight ranked teams lost on Saturday, marking another huge total for 2021. This list included a few notable teams, but I’ll get to those later. The losses ahead of Texas A&M in the AP Poll may even allow the Aggies to re-enter the top ten.

This leads me to my first implication. In total, I’m giving you three implications of SEC action from Week 9.

The Texas A&M football team is in a position to be a serious College Football Playoff contender

I’m almost tired of writing about this — I’m currently writing my fourth separate post about the possibility of the Aggies re-entering the AP Poll‘s top ten. Still, the importance of this positioning at this point in the season cannot be understated.

Four teams that were ahead of Texas A&M in the Week 9 AP Poll lost. Two of these teams were in the SEC.

No. 12 Kentucky’s loss doesn’t necessarily mean much for the Aggies — Texas A&M will move up a spot in the AP Poll and that’s it. The big takeaway here is No. 10 Ole Miss’s loss against No. 18 Auburn, which will be sure to shake things up in the near future.

These two teams are Texas A&M’s next two opponents, meaning two wins would likely give Texas A&M two more top-15 wins on the season. This would put them at three total and give them an undeniably impressive resume through the second leg of the season.