Texas A&M Football: This Jimbo Fisher slip-up implies more commitments

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M Football (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

While it hasn’t been the most enjoyable season on the field for the Texas A&M football team, the Aggies have enjoyed recruiting more than any other school. This sounds like an opinion, but considering this program’s history, Jimbo Fisher has revitalized A&M from a recruiting standpoint.

The Aggies’ 2022 recruiting class currently ranks third nationally, creeping up on Alabama and Georgia’s classes in a hurry. In the past week, the Aggies have secured a commitment from the second-highest-ranked recruit in the class and a top-5 runningback.

Fisher has been on a tear on the recruiting grounds and there isn’t a program in the country that can keep up.

Texas A&M football HC Jimbo Fisher may have accidentally revealed that there are more commitments to come for the Aggies

Texas A&M’s 2022 class could stop right where it is and this team would be in incredible hands with two five stars, a boatload of four-stars, and some underrated three-star recruits. But it looks like Jimbo Fisher might not be done yet.

In his weekly press conference, Fisher may have accidentally revealed some vital recruiting information. Here’s what he said when asked about the LSU opening.

"“We might recruit the number one— we’re going to recruit an unbelievable class this year. So I’m either the dumbest human being on God’s earth, who is going to recruit all of these guys to A&M so I can go over here and play against them.”"

The point of this quote by Fisher was not to make any specific mention of recruiting. Rather, Fisher was trying to use recruiting as an example of why he would not leave A&M for the LSU head coaching vacancy.

In doing so, however, Jimbo Fisher slipped up and for a moment, began to explain that he may finish with the number one recruiting class in the country.

I may be reading into this too much — it’s my job to do so — but the thought of a number one class wouldn’t have even entered Fisher’s mind if he wasn’t confident in finishing out his 2022 recruiting class.

It’s hard to draw any direct conclusions here other than the fact that this class could finish as the nation’s top recruiting group. Texas A&M is still in a strong position to land a handful of the country’s best players in Evan Stewart, Shemar Stewart, and Harold Perkins, all of whom are top-15 overall recruits.

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Buckle up, Aggie fans — this year’s recruiting rollercoaster is just getting started.