Texas A&M Football: Why Aggies have to target Quinn Ewers

Quinn Ewers, Texas A&M Football(Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images)
Quinn Ewers, Texas A&M Football(Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images) /

The Texas A&M football team’s 2021 season followed three storylines. The first storyline was the team’s elite defense, which remains as one of the best in college football. This was followed up by A&M’s win over Alabama, which gave the team life throughout the entire year.

But above both of these storylines, one stood tall — and it wasn’t a good one.

I’m referring to the storyline of the quarterback position, which was a problematic area for Jimbo Fisher’s 2021 squad. It could be worse — in fact, Zach Calzada had a handful of shining moments after filling in for Haynes King, who went down with an injury early in the year. That said, the offense wasn’t what it could have been and it hurt this football team.

Should the Texas A&M football team target Quinn Ewers in the transfer portal?

This is an extremely loaded question. If you’re not familiar, Quinn Ewers was the top overall prospect in the 2021 class and the second-highest-rated quarterback in recruiting history. He’s an incredible talent.

At Ohio State, this talent was not recognized and he was given bench duties for the entirety of the 2021 season. As a result, Ewers decided that it would be best for him to transfer.

Small side note here — reportedly, Ewers still made over $1 million of NIL money despite playing only a few snaps of football as Ohio State’s third-string quarterback. Good for him. Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

The Texas A&M football team has to target Quinn Ewers.

It may be tough to truly admit this, as the Aggies have four-star Haynes King ready to step into a starting role, an experienced QB in Zach Calzada right next to him, and a pair of five-star quarterbacks prepared to join the football team. The talent is there in College Station.

But those options may take time and Jimbo Fisher may not have as much time as he thinks. He did just sign a massive decade-long deal, but Fisher has only broken the eight-win barrier twice in four years and in the other two seasons, he won nine games. As soon as Sumlin found himself stuck at eight wins per year, he was gone.

I’m not saying Jimbo Fisher is anywhere near the hot seat, I’m simply stating the fact that this football program may not have the patience to wait for a 2023 five-star quarterback to develop.

Because of this, Fisher has to target Quinn Ewers in the transfer portal. The former top-overall prospect is a Texas native and would be relatively easy to recruit. The three schools that have already come up for Ewers are Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. A&M should be able to beat them out for this one.

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This would give Texas A&M an instant boost on offense, something that A&M hasn’t had in nearly a decade.