Texas A&M football fans ranked among worst-behaved in college football

Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

Texas A&M football fans often catch a lot of slack from other fanbases. Recently, the college football world caught wind of Texas A&M’s “Midnight Yell” and had some fun taking jabs at the traditional event.

In reality, it’s just another reason why Aggie fans are some of the best in the entire country — it’s an example of why the 12th Man is so prominent in the world of sports. The Texas A&M team is one of the earliest to use this expression.

But along with passionate fans, there are often those who cross the line into “crazy” territory and Aggieland is no exception to this. Apparently, they’ve gone so far over that line that they’re considered one of the worst-behaved fanbases in college football according to a Michigan-based site’s survey.

Texas A&M football is among some of the most passionate fanbases according to this survey

The Michigan-based survey had over 2,000 people rate each fanbase by behavior and the results are actually extremely unsurprising. Here’s what the top of the list looks like according to Chron.com.

"Overall, Alabama topped the list with the worst-behaved college football fans, according to the report, and their “worst behavior” is listed as being “arrogant” or thinking “they’re better.” Ohio State is listed as the runner-up followed by No. 3 LSU and the worst behavior for each of these fan bases is listed as yelling at other fans."

If anything, this information makes the Aggies’ win over Alabama earlier this season that much sweeter. Unfortunately, the Tide have found themselves atop the College Football Playoff rankings once again.

Scrolling further down the list, you’ll see schools like Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, and Michigan, among others. Then, Texas A&M comes in at the 8th spot. Apparently, Aggie fans are associated with using foul language.

Let’s just think of it as passionate verbiage.

Say what you want about this list, but it seems like schools with the most well-known fan influence are near the top. Aggie fans can take pride knowing that their passion is feared across the landscape of college football.

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Perhaps this was the factor that pushed A&M over the edge to beat Alabama with two injured offensive linemen, a backup quarterback, and zero momentum on their side.