Texas A&M Football: Kellen Mond needs to find a way out of Minnesota

Kellen Mond, Texas A&M football (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Kellen Mond, Texas A&M football (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

The Texas A&M football team’s former starting quarterback in Kellen Mond seemed like he was in a strong situation after being drafted to the Minnesota Vikings in the 2021 NFL Draft. The former long-time Aggie passer was picked up early in the third round and looked to be the eventual replacement for Kirk Cousins.

As the season continues to progress, it doesn’t look like he’s in line to become that replacement.

As fans, we only see so much — we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. That said, based on reports and interviews, it doesn’t seem like Mond is anywhere near seeing his opportunity to shine in the NFL.

Former Texas A&M football QB Kellen Mond is being held back by negligent coaching in Minnesota

This week, an opportunity opened up for Kellen Mond to earn his first action in the Vikings Week 18 matchup against the Chicago Bears. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Take a look at what head coach Mike Zimmer said when asked if he had thought about giving Mond an extended look in Week 18.

“Not particularly.”

Zimmer was asked why he wouldn’t want to see Mond in the Vikings’ final game of the season which, by the way, is completely meaningless, as they are already eliminated from playoff contention. Zimmer said, “I see him every day (in practice).”

This isn’t something that Vikings fans agree with, either. Here’s an iconic quote from Vikings Wire about the situation.

"Meanwhile, rookie third-round draft pick Kellen Mond—you know, the guy that actually needs the experience—could finish his season out with another sideline-gazing lesson.Somebody, anybody, please make it make sense.That somebody hasn’t been Zimmer, who recently doubled down on his reasons for “not particularly” being interested in seeing Mond under center in the team’s season finale."

Has a head coach ever shown such blatant disrespect to a player as Minnesota Vikings HC Mike Zimmer is to Kellen Mond?

Zimmer has been one of the better coaches in the NFL for a long time but in this situation, I can say something with complete confidence — he is being extremely stupid.

Hypothetically, let’s say Kellen Mond has looked like the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL during practice. This is definitely not the case, but let’s say it is for a second. As a coach for a team that is not likely to cut the QB anytime soon, what do you gain from badmouthing the rookie in front of national media? Repeatedly, at that.

You’ve given this kid seven months to prove himself. If you’re a football coach who is willing to give up on a player that quickly, especially a quarterback, you will never win anything of substance.

In the history of my coverage of sports, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a head coach show utter disrespect toward a kid that we know is talented and hardworking. Mond isn’t somebody with off-field issues — his military roots make sure that he’s always working harder than the guy next to him.

The way I see it, this is not a problem on Mond’s end. The former Aggie passer has to find a way out of a toxic situation in Minnesota.

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In the words of Vikings Wire’s Jordy McElroy, make it make sense.