Texas A&M Football: Why Conner Weigman will focus on football over baseball

Texas A&M Football (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Texas A&M Football (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

Connor Weigman’s name is likely known around the sports world as the Texas A&M football team’s five-star quarterback prospect who will be on the team’s 2022 roster. That said, Weigman is also an elite baseball prospect — he’ll be joining the Texas A&M baseball team at some point.

But baseball season has begun and Weigman, who is a student at Texas A&M already, is nowhere to be seen. What gives?

The answer is simple — the five-star quarterback prospect from Cypress, Texas is going to focus on the quarterback position on the football team for now. In all likelihood, this is because he has a chance of starting at the QB spot in the fall, competing with Haynes King and Max Johnson for the role. Here’s what he said, according to The Eagle:

"“I’m not going to play baseball this spring, but I will definitely be around the program.”"

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Nobody knows when Conner Weigman will join the Texas A&M baseball team, not even Weigman himself or either coach

Weigman is in a tricky spot — the A&M freshman will be deciding a few things in the near future. He’ll be competing for the starting quarterback spot as quickly as physically possible while working on becoming a student. That alone is a lot of responsibility, which likely led to his decision to work with the football team right away.

Think of it as a redshirt baseball season.

But this isn’t such a concrete thing for Weigman, who doesn’t really know when he’s going to return. In fact, each of his new coaches, Jimbo Fisher and Jim Schlossnagle do not know when he’ll be making the switch to baseball. Here’s what Schlossnagle said about the situation.

"“There’s no bigger Aggie football fan than I am. There’s no bigger Conner Weigman football fan than me, other than maybe Coach Fisher. He’s welcome to be here but not until he’s ready and not until Coach Fisher is comfortable with that. Coach Fisher has at least said to me, ‘Whatever he wants to do, I’m supportive.’”"

As things stand, it seems like Weigman will not be joining the baseball team until next season. In fact, the quarterback competition’s outcome could play a huge factor in when he decides to join his new teammates.

The good news here is that Weigman is an elite quarterback prospect — potentially the best to ever sign with the Aggies. The former Bridgeland QB threw for 8,901 yards and nearly 100 touchdown passes during his high school career. He also rushed for over 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns.

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Jimbo Fisher is getting a good one.