What’s going wrong for the Texas A&M basketball team lately?

Buzz Williams, Texas A&M basketball Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Buzz Williams, Texas A&M basketball Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

The Texas A&M basketball team was, at one point, labeled as “America’s Team.” Okay, fine — I’m the one that called them that after a red-hot 15-3 start for the Aggies. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone so well for A&M since that tweet was published.

Here’s the cursed tweet.

In a way, I take full responsibility for this four-game losing streak, as the Aggies have lost in heartbreaking fashion each game since it was written. Jokes aside, what is actually going wrong for the Texas A&M basketball team?

The Texas A&M basketball team’s struggles are all completely fixable

Thankfully for the Texas A&M basketball team, they don’t really look bad lately. I know that’s a pretty lame way to describe their struggles, but let me elaborate.

The Aggies have now lost four straight games — each against a winning team by 11 points or fewer. In fact, this same A&M team came down to the wire against a hyper-talented Kentucky team last week. The Aggies would lose that game 64-58, beginning their current flurry of losses.

And again, there’s not really a defined trend that you can point out throughout this losing streak. If you’re looking for something, you could point to the Aggies’ three-point shooting struggles.

During this four-game stretch, Buzz Williams’s team has shot 23% from deep range, including a 1/22 performance against No. 12 Kentucky. If the Aggies knock down shots that they should be knocking down, that’s a win for Buzz Williams. If A&M wins that game, I don’t think the next three go so poorly.

And that’s what this comes down to in the end — momentum.

This isn’t a team that can’t win at all, it’s a team that doesn’t believe that it can win. The Aggies have been right there at the end of every game and have struggled to put together offense at the end of these performances.

For A&M fans, this should be reason for optimism. This is an extremely young, inexperienced team that is still developing chemistry with one another. Throughout the remainder of the season, they’ll be able to put it together when it matters. Even if the SEC Title seems like a stretch at this point, this team is still very much in the race to make the NCAA Tournament.

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Will the Aggies bounce back?