Texas A&M Football: Is one elite recruiting class enough for Jimbo Fisher?

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

Jimbo Fisher changed the way that the college football world looked at recruiting when he brought the Texas A&M football team the greatest incoming class of freshmen in the history of the sport. Thus far, almost half of those guys are enrolled at Texas A&M, while the other half will be joining the team in the summer.

You can try to twist this any way you want — the Aggies are doing something right. You’ll hear the average low-IQ SEC fan often say “all of these commitments for A&M to go 8-4.” I promise you, that will not happen. That said, some questions can be asked about this football team. Primarily, one stands above the rest.

Is one elite recruiting class enough for the Texas A&M football team?

Jimbo Fisher will have to continue to bring the Texas A&M football team elite classes, but one can help

Around the time that the Texas A&M football team’s recruiting class was reaching “untouchable” status, rumors surfaced that the Aggies paid up to $25-30 million to bring in this class. These rumors were promptly shut down by Jimbo Fisher.

One of the worries around that time was in regards to whether or not Fisher can sustain classes that are reliant on paying players. If the program was actually paying $25-30 million for a single recruiting class, that could have become an issue. Obviously, that’s no longer a worry. They’re not paying that money.

So to answer the question of the article: no, one recruiting class probably will not be enough. This, however, isn’t the first elite recruiting class from Jimbo Fisher. To take things a step further, what reason do we have to believe that Fisher won’t be able to replicate what he did in 2022?

Thus far, his 2023 class is off to a great start. In the early stages of the 2023 cycle, Fisher has a strong baseline in place already — a top-100 quarterback prospect, a pair of four-star defensive line commits, and a 6’7″, 315-pound in-state offensive tackle.

This isn’t a team that has had poor recruiting classes in the past and a single elite class. Every class in Aggieland since Fisher’s arrival in 2018 has been in the top ten of college football, Fisher simply took a step up in 2022.

If you’ve been bringing in elite classes, a single class like A&M’s 2022 group can be the difference that pushes you to the level of making the College Football Playoff. In 2021, A&M showed that it has the talent to compete with National Championship contenders by knocking off Alabama in the middle of the season.

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