What seed is Texas A&M basketball team in SEC Tournament right now?

Buzz Williams, Texas A&M basketball Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Buzz Williams, Texas A&M basketball Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

The Texas A&M basketball team’s season is winding down with just three games left in the regular season. Despite a hot start, the Aggies struggled during the middle portion of their schedule, dropping eight straight games and essentially removing themselves from the NCAA Tournament discussion.

But it’s not over — Buzz Williams and his team will get one more big opportunity to prove that they’re a Tourney team. That opportunity comes in the form of the SEC Tournament, which is less than a couple of weeks away.

The Aggies need to accumulate some quality wins, which they’ll have an opportunity to do very soon. If they manage to knock off a team like Auburn or Kentucky, their postseason narrative could have a whole different feeling.

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What does the SEC basketball tournament seeding look like right now?

If you want to get a full detailed list of the current seeding in the SEC Tournament, BamaHammer’s Ronald Evans did a very detailed breakdown. For now, I’ll be trimming that to Texas A&M’s seed and any team that still faces the Aggies during the regular season.

This is subject to change.

No. 5 seed – Alabama Crimson Tide (18-10; 8-7) – South Carolina, Texas A&M, at LSU
No. 9 seed – Mississippi State Bulldogs (16-12; 7-8) – Vanderbilt, Auburn, at Texas A&M
No. 10 seed – Texas A&M Aggies (17-11; 6-9)  – at Ole Miss, at Alabama, Mississippi State
No. 12 seed – Ole Miss Rebels (13-15; 4-11) – at Texas A&M, at Kentucky, Vanderbilt

The Texas A&M basketball team (and virtually every other SEC team) has three games remaining and stands at 6-9 in conference play. There are currently only four SEC teams (Auburn, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee) that have more than eight wins. This means that, hypothetically speaking, the Aggies could shoot all the way up to the fifth seed in the SEC, especially with games against two teams that are ahead of them in the standings.

This, of course, would be entirely dependent on the teams ahead of them losing every game. Things could get tricky, but A&M should shoot to win at least two of their next three games and position themselves in a spot that would allow them to make an SEC Tournament run.

If they make a strong run in the SEC Tournament and manage to knock off a top-seeded team, their NCAA Tournament hopes could remain. So far, the Texas A&M basketball team has played a few top-tier teams close. They just need to finish.

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