Texas A&M football earns 2 seed in 64-team college football bracket

Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

The Texas A&M football team is no stranger to being snubbed from postseason play. The Aggies were not selected for the 2021 College Football Playoff in a season that saw them only take a single loss to the eventual national champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

This year, the Texas A&M basketball team suffered the same fate. Despite a 23-12 record and a trio of ranked wins down the stretch, Buzz Williams and his squad were not given a spot in the NCAA Tournament. It was arguably the biggest snub to date.

If it’s any consolation, Texas A&M wasn’t left out of every bracket — the Aggies made it into ESPN’s for-fun 64-team college football tournament bracket, which serves no real purpose whatsoever.

The Texas A&M football team was given a 2 seed in ESPN’s mock 64-team playoff bracket

The bracket isn’t as simple as just a 64-team seeding — ESPN’s Chris Low actually has the Aggies moving all the way to the Sweet Sixteen for now with the potential to go further. Here’s how they get there.

It starts with a 2 vs. 15 matchup against Washington that sees the Aggies win by a slim margin. Specifically, the Aggies win this one 27 to 21 in a game that’s too close for comfort, as described by Low. Here’s what he said.

(2) Texas A&M 27, (15) Washington 21

"Too close for comfort for Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies in this first-round escape. But give first-year Washington coach Kalen DeBoer credit for having the Huskies ready to play. They’re just unable to finish drives on offense."

The Aggies advance to the next round, where they take on 7-seeded Ole Miss, ramping up the level of competition. This one stays tight, with the Aggies taking home a 35-31 victory over the intraconference opponent.

(2) Texas A&M 35, (7) Ole Miss 31

"The “free agency” and “NIL” chatter between Fisher and Kiffin during the lead-up to the game is entertaining, but the game itself is even more entertaining. Antonio Johnson seals it for the Aggies with a safety blitz to stop a late Ole Miss drive."

At this point in time, the Aggies are set for a matchup against 6-seeded Kentucky. Unfortunately, the tournament only goes this far for now — we’ll have to stay tuned to find out how far they go.

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